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RM of Stuartburn - Emergency Preparedness

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Emergency Preparedness

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Ambulance - Vita Hospital
Address: Vita, Manitoba
Direct: 204-425-3804 (General Inquiries)

Police - Red River Detachment
Address: Emerson, Manitoba
Direct: 204-373-2428 (Non-Emergency Inquiries)
Address: Morris, Manitoba
Direct: 204-746-2323 (Non-Emergency Inquiries)
Fire - RM of Stuartburn Fire Department

Address: Vita, Manitoba
Direct: 204-425-3600

The RM of Stuartburn has adopted an emergency plan. This plan is to provide direction for a response to an emergency affecting the RM of Stuartburn.
Our Emergency Coordinators are:

Brittany Bonekamp, Joint Emergency Coordinator
Office: 204-425-3218
Ed Penner, Joint Emergency Coordinator
Cell: 204-326-8515
They are responsible for updating, maintaining and coordinating the RM of Stuartburn emergency plan in case a state of emergency is declared.