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RM of Stuartburn - Permits, Licenses, Forms

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Permits, Licenses, Forms

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Burn Permits
The RM of Stuartburn requires everyone within the RM to obtain a burn permit between March 15th and November 30th of each year for the indented burning. These permits are free, however failure to obtain the necessary permit will result in fines. For a copy of the burning by-law visit our by-laws section of the website. To obtain a burn permit please call or visit the municipal office. In the event of a burn ban all burn permits are revoked. For residents living in Range 9E, permits must be obtained from MB Conservation by calling 204-346-6110.
Dog Licensing 
The RM of Stuartburn requires owners of every dog kept within the limits of the Villages of Vita, Stuartburn, Gardenton and Sundown to obtain a dog license on or before the last day of May in every year, or within 21 days of the time he/she becomes a resident of the Village.

License Fees are $10.00/dog/year 

Lottery Licenses
Lottery Licenses are 1% of the prize value with a minimum of $5.00 each. The prize value may not exceed $3000.00 in value. To obtain a lottery license within that limit or for more information please contact the RM of Stuartburn. To obtain a lottery license over that limit you must contact the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission at 1-204-954-9400 or toll free at 1-800-782-0363 or go to their website: 

For ratepayers wishing to apply for the Farm tax rebate or the Homeowners Rebate please click on the links below.
Timber Permits
A timber permit must be obtained from the RM of Stuartburn prior to cut timber on any RM owned land. The permit fee is $5.00 plus $10.00/cord to a maximum of 20 cords. To obtain a timber permit please visit the municipal office.
Grazing Permits
Wanting to rent land from the municipality for casual hay or grazing purposes? If so, please visit the municipal office to fill out the required paperwork for council to review. The cost to rent land for hay or grazing purposes is $350/quarter.